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Enjoy this Web Page Word Count Tool


Accurate Word Counter for You

essay word counterAccurate word counts are of the utmost importance. Many teachers are very strict about this; if you’re a few words off, you might be docked points, a letter grade, or even get a zero. You need an accurate tool that tells you exactly how many words you have so that you can be certain you’re in the right neighborhood. This can be difficult to obtain, however. Word counts are tricky things; the different ways of counting can have very different results that can impact your accuracy. What you need is a single essay word counter tool that has a reliable counting method, which you can use again and again. Word counter for essays will give you consistent results. Then you can get an idea of how it compares to your teachers’ standards and compensate accordingly.

The Web Page Word Count Tool

word count toolSo what kind of tool should you use to get this consistent word count? A word processor? An app? Those are both options, but a web page word count tool is much better. The process is simple: input the text, either through cut and paste or through typing, and get the word count quickly, easily, and accurately! It updates nearly-instantly, so you always know how much you have left to go. It’s easy to access from anywhere, so you can write wherever you are! In today’s fast-paced world, you need to be able to do things on the go, and with this tool, it’s easy. Our free online essay editor is the best we can offer, and we hope that you will decide to give it a try.

Advantages of Website Word Count Tool

A website word count tool is easily the most convenient option for checking your word count.

It offers these advantages:

  • Free
  • Quick
  • Easy to find and use
  • Helpful additional options

Many word processors are very expensive, and apps can be too. Plus, not all of them even have word counts or title generator for essay! If they do, you may have to hunt around looking for them, wasting valuable time in trying to find them. It’s inconvenient and troublesome. With the online word count tool, you won’t have to bother. Just paste or type and go! It’s so easy a child could do it.

Use The Best Word Count Tool

word counter for essaysIt’s easier than you could ever imagine getting a good word count. We make sure that our tool is accurate to provide exactly what you need. We also focus on creating a good environment that is easy to use. We don’t fill the page with buggy features and huge pop-up ads that make the website slow to a crawl. We want efficiency, discretion, and ease of use. We think that our web page word count tool is the best thanks to these features, and we invite you to try it. After all, it’s free! What do you have to lose?

For the quickest, best web page word count tool, contact us now!