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The Ultimate Collection of ESL Essay Writing Tips


SLDo You Need Help with How to Write an Essay ESL?

Writing an essay as part of your education if English is not your first language can be a real problem if you are looking for good grades and you have to find the best ESL learning tips. Many ESL students suffer due to their writing skills as they are still expected to be able to communicate their thoughts in perfect English through their assignments and papers. With more than a million overseas students coming to the US to study every year and many students from the US itself not speaking English well there are many students in need of support and ESL essay writing tips.

If you are serious to improve your writing and speaking skills then you really do need to work hard and use all of the advice and help that you can access. Our services are able to not only provide you with the physical support that you need to submit essays that will be worthy of the best grades, we can also offer you many tips to improve your writing.

Our services have been around for many years helping students at every stage of their education with their writing. Our experts fully understand the best ways to support your writing and their tips and support will help you to significantly improve your grades and fluency.

Our ESL Essay Writing Tips

How you approach your essay writing will have a huge impact on how well you do. By planning and carefully thinking about what you will do you will be able to improve your essay writing significantly. It is of course not something that you are going to perfect overnight. You will need to ensure that you learn from your mistakes as you will make many throughout your education.

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The following writing tips ESL will help you to better understand how to improve your writing:

✔ Ensure that you fully understand the prompt for your essay; if you are not totally sure what you are being asked to write about ask your tutor for clarification.

✔ Do research around the topic that you have been asked to write about. Read other essays by others to get ideas and to see how they have approached the subject. Do not however simply copy or modify anything that you see, this is plagiarism and must be avoided if you want to continue your studies.

✔ Have a clear thesis statement or argument for your essay. Your thesis will guide your writing and provide the focus that you require for your writing. If your writing is not relevant to that thesis then it does not belong in your essay.

✔ Create an outline for your writing. A clear outline will help you to see how your ideas will fit together and flow from your introduction to your conclusion. Use a simple five-paragraph style for your essay and your outline:

✔ Introduction; this first paragraph should provide the reader with an introduction to the subject and inform them of your thesis statement.

✔ Body paragraphs; usually you will have three paragraphs, each will introduce a specific piece of evidence to support the thesis statement or argument that you have made in your introduction.

✔ Conclusion; this will summarize your evidence and show how it proves your argument. You will also often make a personal comment or make a call to action.

✔ Work with a study group or partner to bounce ideas around; do not however simply copy each other’s writing.

✔ Do your work in a place that is free from any distractions, turn off your TV and social media so that you have peace to concentrate on your work.

✔ Use language that is used every day by English speakers, using large and unusual words will not make your essay better or impress your tutor.

✔ Edit your work carefully when you have finished, check that you work has clear flow and that your word choices are correct and appropriate.

✔ Proofread; submitting work with avoidable mistakes in your grammar and spelling will impact your grades negatively. Use your computer to check but ensure that you also perform a manual check of your writing.

how to write an essay esl structure

Image credit: centropintorzuloaga.org

Essay Topics of ESL Writing

Another important factor in writing a good essay is the topic area around which you are writing. Most of the time you will have a fixed prompt that you will be asked to write about. However sometimes you will be given the freedom to write your own essay around anything that you like. Always try to choose a subject that you know something about and that you will be able to approach with a little passion.

The following are some suggestions for topics to use:

✦ Something that cannot be learned within school

✦ What I miss from my home culture

✦ The biggest regret of my life

✦ Why did I come here to study

✦ My first day in a new country

✦ Something funny that occurred

✦ Where will I be in 10 years

✦ If you could be anywhere, where would you be

✦ Why is learning better than ice cream

✦ Is reading important

We Can Help with Your ESL Writing

Our writing strategies can help you with how to write a good essay no matter how skilled you are with English. If however, you need additional support we can help you through our highly qualified and experienced staff. They have many years of experience helping ESL students to submit work of the highest standard and to improve their writing. Our services come with a full money back guarantee and we always provide original and error free writing on time every time.

If you have reviewed our ESL essay writing tips and still need help, just contact our affordable and reliable services here today for support that you can trust.