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Professional ESL Writing Sample


Can You Be Helped by a Sample of ESL Writing?

sample editing paperIf English is your second language then you will know how hard it is to get the grades and other results that you need within your education. Many students will struggle to achieve the standards that are expected of them from their writing and their grades will suffer accordingly. Even if your subject knowledge is excellent if you cannot communicate that knowledge effectively you are not going to do well. An editing and ESL writing sample, however, is something that can help you a lot with improving your own writing skills. By studying and reviewing our ESL editing examples you can get a huge amount of information about how to improve your won writing helping to gain better grades.

Our samples are provided by staff that has native-level English language skills and have been tutoring and helping ESL students for many years. Our samples are some of the best that you will find online and can be used to help you to improve your writing performance.

How Can You Use an Editing Sample?

find a sample of esl writingSample editing is a perfect way for you to see the types of mistakes that are commonly made in ESL writing and how they should be corrected. They also provide you with useful formatting tips for how your writing should be structured and formatted and also how to do error correction to make your writing perfect. Do not however ever copy what you find through samples. Often you will be able to find essays and papers around your assigned work and it can be very tempting to use that writing. This, however, is plagiarism and can get you thrown off of the course that you are doing.

How to Do Your ESL Editing

esl writing sample onlineEditing and proofreading your own work is not always easy. Many students even if they are skilled in the language find reviewing their own work very difficult. It is hard to see just how you can improve what you have written and to spot errors.

The following tips from our qualified ESL editors will help you to better approach your own editing and proofreading:

✦ Always start by using your computer; the spelling and grammar check will highlight anything that is incorrect in red or green. Right clicking will provide you with the correction or with an explanation as to what the problem is. The computer will not, however, find anything, nor can it provide you with improvements to your writing.

✦ If possible leave time between doing any text modification or review. If you try to work on something directly after you finish writing you are often too familiar with the work to spot any issues.

✦ Start by reading your work aloud; record what you read and play it back. Often issues within your writing become obvious when you hear it spoken allowing you to quickly identify and fix the most obvious problems.

✦ Start with the big picture; has your writing answered the question or prompt that was posed and does your writing have a clear flow and structure to it. Typically you will have an introduction that tells the reader what you are trying to show, a main body that will contain evidence to support your argument, and a conclusion that shows how you have proved it.

✦ Use a dictionary if you are not completely sure what a word really means. It is very easy to misuse words that are similar such as desert and dessert.

✦ Consider each word that you have used within your writing; is the word the most appropriate for what you have to say or is there a better alternative to use.

✦ Is your writing concise or have you used fluff within your writing that can be cut without affecting the meaning of what you have written.

✦ Check that the tense used with your writing and the “person” used does not change throughout your writing.

✦ Slow down your checking for errors by printing out your writing in a larger than normal font. Use a pen to touch each word as you read it to focus your attention.

✦ Get someone else to do your revision for you; often it is far easier for someone else to spot your issues. So buddy up with someone in a similar situation and provide each other help.

We Can Provide You with Excellent ESL Editing Support

editing sample tipsWe know that for important papers it is almost always best to seek out professional support with improving your writing. While our editing sample may provide you with a huge amount of guidance it still does not provide you with the help that professional editing of your own writing can.

We offer support through fully certified and highly experienced editors that have many years of experience working with ESL students. They can provide you with the support that you need to submit well written work while improving your writing skills by identifying the errors that you make within your own writing.

Our services all come with free proofreading and formatting and supplied to you in your chosen format with a plagiarism report to confirm your writing is unique. Our work is covered by a full satisfaction money back guarantee and is always delivered to you on time.

If you need help to match the improvements shown through our ESL writing sample and editing just contact our highly reliable services today for affordable help you can trust.