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Essay Formatting Service


Did you just write an entire paper and realize that is it in the wrong format (APA, MLA, APS)? This realization can be a nightmare and is a contributor to falling behind in your work because now, you more or less have an extra paper to write on top of any other assignments you may have.

essayeditor.biz offers a full essay formatting service which applies general formatting guidelines from up-to-date manuals of writing styles. Our essay formatting service complements our essay editing service and essay proofreading service by ensuring that the exact formatting styles required by these manuals are precisely met.

We at essayeditor.biz offer two standard essay formatting services which are guaranteed to meet your required specifications or your money back. The essay formatting services offered by essayeditor.biz are also guaranteed to isolate and resolve the key issues with the formatting of your essay. The formatting services offered by essayeditor.biz are as follows:

  • Citation style formatting

essayeditor.biz will take your essay and apply our citation style formatting package by correctly formatting parenthetical, footnote, or endnote citations and external reference lists that we have compiled over our years of experience in essay formatting.

  • Layout formatting

The layout formatting service offered by essayeditor.biz will ensure that your essay complies with the layout requirements that are specified in the manual of style that you choose your essay to be written in. essayeditor.biz guarantees coverage of the following elements of formatting:

  • Fonts, margins, and spacing

A neat, clean appearance is one of our goals for you essay formatting. Since overly large margins, out of place spaces, and elaborate fonts can lower the credibility your reader has in you

  • Pagination

Certain layout requirements have different specifications as to where the page number lies on each page, which can be a time consuming nightmare for finishing a paper. Our formatting staff are word processing pros who can quickly and correctly format pagination

  • Figures and tables

Our essay formatting service will check, identify, and correct improperly placed or labeled tables and figures.

  • Headings and subheadings

As we move through your essay formatting, essayeditor.biz will assess your use of headings and subheadings to make them consistent with your university standards