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Academic adviser is a faculty providing guidance and help for students on talks about academic matters.
Academic year is a period in which students attend and receive formal lectures or instructions in a university or college and may be divided into quarters, trimesters and semesters.
Accredited is an official recognition given to a university or college that meets a regional or national association standard.

Bachelor’s is an undergraduate degree that is given to a student by university or college when he has completed a study program successfully.

Campus is composed of the buildings or the grounds where an educational institution is located.
Coed is an education system accepting both men and women.
College provides an undergraduate education.
Commencement is the graduation ceremony for students who have completed their study program.
Common application is a form of standard application accepted by over 450 affiliated or member universities or colleges for admissions.
Community college is a two-year postsecondary educational institution offering associate degrees to students and allows them to transfer to four-year schools for completing a bachelor’s degree.

Dean is the division head of a university or a college.
Deferred admission/deferral is an act of the school for postponing an application for early action or early decision.
Degree is a title or diploma given to a student by a university or college after completing a study program successfully.
Department is a school division made up of support staff and faculty giving instruction in a specific study field.
Discipline is an area of a study.

Early action is a study program allowing a student to submit an application earlier.
Early decision allows a student to submit an application to a top school choice, usually in November or December, and then receives a decision early in the middle or late December.
Electives are programs that students can select from in order to credit and complete a degree, but they are not mandated.
ESL or English as a Second Language is a program or a course used in order to instruct or teach English to non-native speakers.
Enroll is to enter or register to a course or a school.

Faculty is the administrative staff and the teaching department responsible to design a program of study.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA is a type of application used by permanent residents and American citizens for applying for a financial aid from state or federal government.
Fee is the amount of money paid by students to universities and colleges aside from tuition in order to cover services, including computer technology and libraries.
Fellowship, usually monetary award, is given by a university or school to a graduate student based on academic achievement.

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a standard entrance exam in a business school given by the Graduate Management Admission Council.
Grade is a mark or score indicating one’s academic performance on a paper, course or an exam.
GPA or Grade Point Average is one’s overall academic performance calculated or measured average on grades in all courses.

High school is an educational institution offering grades nine to 12.
Humanities are kinds of academic courses with focus on human ideas and life.

Independent study is a course allowing one to earn a credit for the work performed outside the traditional classroom setting.
Institute refers to an organization with as specific purpose, such as research and is usually in a campus.
IRS or Internal Revenue Service is an American agency collecting income taxes.

Junior is a student in his third year in a university, college or high school.
Junior college is a kind of two-year postsecondary school offering associate degrees.

Letter of recommendation is written by a school applicant’s coach or teacher assessing his or her skills and qualification.
Liberal arts are subjects in the sciences, humanities and social sciences focusing on general knowledge.

Major is a subject area chosen by a student to focus on for the duration of his undergraduate studies.
Master’s is a graduate degree given by a university or college to a student who has completed his advanced study program successfully.
Nonresident is a student not meeting the requirements of residence in a state.
Notarized is an authentic certification by a lawyer, a bank or a public official, especially among international students required to submit notarized documents to a university or college.

Open admissions is a policy of a university or college on accepting students who have completed secondary education, regardless of test scores or grades and are available until all the slots are filled.

Part-time student is enrolled in a university or college, but he or she is not taking minimum required credit of a full load.

Quarters is a study period dividing an academic year into four equal portions or segments with about 12 weeks each and usually include the summer.

Registrar is an official in a college or a university responsible for allowing students to register and the one keeping academic records including transcripts.

Scholarship is a financial aid made of free money awarded to a student by an individual or a school. The term is used interchangeably with “grant.”
Seminar is a course taken by a small number of advanced students who meet with their professor to learn or discuss specific topics.

Tuition is the amount of money the student pays a school each term on a per credit basis to receive training or instruction.

Undergraduate studies or undergraduate student is a student taking up a two or four year course at a university or a college after high school education for an associate or a bachelor’s degree.

Visa is an official passport stamp or mark allowing one to enter a country for a limited time. Some scholars and students’ visas include the student or F1 visa and the exchange visitor or J-1 visa

Wait list encloses qualified school applicants who may be later offered admission if slots are to be filled once all the admitted students made their decision.