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FAQs on ESL Writing Topics


People who need to receive information on ESL writing topics often ask a couple of questions first.

Perhaps the most common question we receive is on ESL writing strategies. We are pleased to announce that our writers can adapt to anything that people need. Those who have specific needs can always stay in touch with their individual writer and state that they have a certain requirement.

ESL Writing Requirements and Questions

[sitemanager-faq style=”q-beige”]Can you handle ESL creative writing?[/sitemanager-faq][sitemanager-faq style=”a-beige”]We can certainly tackle these kinds of problems without any concerns, and we also have a few writers that we work with that actually specialize in ESL creative writing.[/sitemanager-faq]

[sitemanager-faq style=”q-beige”]Are your writers native speakers of English?[/sitemanager-faq][sitemanager-faq style=”a-beige”]People often ask us whether our authors are actually native speakers, and we’re proud to state that they are. This isn’t to say that we’re distrustful of those who learn English as a second language, especially considering the type of service we provide. However we do feel that native speakers are able to tackle these writing problems in an extremely natural fashion.[/sitemanager-faq]

[sitemanager-faq style=”q-beige”]Can you edit translated text?[/sitemanager-faq][sitemanager-faq style=”a-beige”]Sometimes clients will have written something in their own native language and then translated it. In other cases they might have actually used a machine translator to do so. In either case we can take text that’s been translated into English and spruce it up. In fact some documents that may have been sitting around in this sort of situation can be easily modified and thereafter used totally as though it were fresh.[/sitemanager-faq]

[sitemanager-faq style=”q-beige”]Can you do rush jobs?[/sitemanager-faq][sitemanager-faq style=”a-beige”]It’s easy to request a rush job merely by changing the deadline set on the form when placing an order for an ESL editing jobs.[/sitemanager-faq]

[sitemanager-faq style=”q-beige”]What if I have other questions not addressed in this document?[/sitemanager-faq]
[sitemanager-faq style=”a-beige”]It’s easy to ask us questions on any ESL writing topics at all. There is a contact form on the main page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Considering the fact that we work with freelance writers, we always have people on hand to address individual questions and problems.[/sitemanager-faq]