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Essay Pre-Submission Checklist


After you have written your essay, there are a few steps that you should take before submitting it. Follow these simple steps, and your already quality essay will be perfect and ready to submit in no time.

What Format Is Required?

Is there a certain format that you should be using, such as MLA, APA, etc? Check into these requirements and make sure that things like margins, font style, font size, etc are correct.

How Long Should It Be?

Check on the length requirement of your essay. Is it pre-established? If so, be sure to conform to this requirement. If no length has been established, decide on your own what length is appropriate for your unique essay.

What Type of Structure Should You Use?

There are many different types of essay structures that you can choose from for your essay. After you have written the content of your essay, pick a structural style that supports what you have written. This can be ab easy adjustment that you make right before you submit your essay, or you can decide this in the beginning and write your content accordingly. You can choose to write in paragraph, heading/subtitle, story, chronological, or categorical. Decide what you want the tone of your essay to be and how you want to be perceived by your reader, then choose a style that supports that.

What is the Voice of Your Essay?

Generally, there are two voices that can be used in writing; passive and active. You will usually want to write as much as you can in the active voice. It makes you sound more assertive and sure of yourself. The passive voice, however, is applicable in some cases. Make this decision for your unique essay.

Grammar and Punctuation

See our page on Editing Grammar and Punctuation in your essay for more detailed help on this subject. The most urgent thing is to make sure that everything is correct. Check for things like fragment sentences, run-on sentences, and syntax errors. Then you can go into more detail in your essay editing and decide if the grammar, vocabulary and punctuation that you have chosen to use is appropriate for your essay and sends the message that you wish to send.

Cite Your Sources

If you are required to do a works cited page, be sure that it is done in the correct format. Check on the MLA and APA websites for guidelines on this. If you are not required to do this, still be sure that you are putting quotations around direct quotes so as not to be flagged for plagiarism.