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essay proofreadersAh, essays. Every student has had to write at least one, and most students aren’t overly fond of them. But a good essay can help you get far in life. Learning to write well is a skill that takes you far in life, no matter your chosen profession. So what qualities should a good essay have? It should be analytical, clearly readable, grammatically correct, and well-structured. These qualities reflect your personal expertise in writing and the fact that you took the time to check your essay, write another draft, and proofread it.

Essay Editing Services

That’s right, we said the hated words: drafts and proofreading. We know that proofreading is a pain, but we promise, with a little bit of help it’s not as bad as it sounds. Writing multiple drafts doesn’t have to be a killer. In fact, proofreading can seriously improve your study habits.
How? When you proofread something, you’re giving it another look. You have to check the text critically, with an eye for errors of all sorts. This requires a close reading that can help you remember facts you may not have memorized when putting them into your essay.
Moreover, you’ll develop a critical, analytical mindset. Combining your own work for errors helps you find the errors in someone else’s. When you search for a text to see if the line of reasoning is strong, you help develop your critical thinking skills. You’ll be able to apply this to the texts you’re given to class to understand them better and get concepts from them quickly.

Help Proofreading Your Essay

Here’s a tip from our proofreading pros: read your essay backward! When you read something backward, it forces you to look at it in new ways. When you read over something the normal way, it’s easy to skim over mistakes. You know what you meant, and your brain fills that in. However, when you read backward, this familiarity effect is dispelled. You have to work to understand what each piece means, digging deep into the meaning. This allows you to catch mistakes without missing them the way you do reading normally.

Essay Proofreading Online

Proofreading isn’t so bad when you get the hang of it. Let’s walk you through some steps to try and help you figure it out.

  • Follow your line of reasoning: First of all, make sure that your essay flows well and that each point leads into the other. This is the first step because the outline of your essay is its backbone. Get it right before fixing the rest.
  • Strengthen your points: Is there any section that feels like it’s weak? You want the whole essay to be equally strong, with no points that let the reader down. If anything seems vague, tighten it up with quotes and more definite language.
  • Check your transitions: Now’s a great time to make sure that your transition sentences are strong. Does anything seem abrupt? Work to smooth out each paragraph break. Take the time to insert or remove some if you tend to have short or long paragraphs, too. Remember that a paragraph should be about 3-7 sentences. You can tweak these numbers a little, but not too much.
  • Tease out grammar: Make sure that your work is grammatically correct. Reading out loud can help with this because your tongue automatically stumbles over incorrect structures. This trick also helps you cut down sentences that are too long – if it’s more than one a breath, break it up!
  • Check for surface errors: The least difficult yet still important step, this helps you to turn in papers that are completely error-free and don’t have embarrassing mistakes in them. It’s a crucial step. This is a great place to bust out that backward reading.

Edit Essay Online with Our Academic Editors

Now you know how to proofread your own essay – but maybe you just don’t have time. That’s okay; we understand. If you’re working on too much right now, or even if you just need another set of eyes, we have a team of experienced proofreaders who can help make sure your essay is perfect. Here’s how you can get our help.

  • Order: On our website, we have a form with just a few questions to help us proofread your paper the way you want.
  • Pay: Our servers are secure, so no worrying about someone stealing your credit card info.
  • Wait: Our writers are now working on your order! It will arrive by the time you request.
  • Get draft: Now your first draft arrives. Download it and review it. You can make suggestions to your writer for changes. We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied, so please bring up anything that’s not right.
  • Get final paper: You’ll receive a download link to your final paper. If you want, you can make one more round of edits at this stage. Just let your writer know what you’d like changed – ideally small things, please, rather than the whole subject! If you don’t want any changes, you don’t need to do anything else.
  • Done: Take that paper and turn it in! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, though, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service.

Proofread Essay Service with Essay Proofreaders

At our essay editing service, we care about our customers. We want to make sure that your experience is completely satisfying. For this reason, we offer a number of guarantees. We promise you’ll be completely satisfied with:

  • The quality of the finished product
  • The time in which it was done
  • The writer’s demeanor and manners
  • The service you receive from the rest of the staff, such as customer service

If you’re not happy with anything, contact our staff. They’re available at any time to help you resolve any issues. If we can’t fix what’s bothering you, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

Use our proofreading essay service to make your essay into the beautiful, polished work it was meant to be – talk to us today!