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ESL Writing Exercises: Getting Your Writing Skills to a New Level


Do You Need to Know How to Improve ESL Writing Skills?

ELL or ESL students make up around 10% of the school population in the US and are growing at a large rate some 60% over the last decade. Many of these students will struggle greatly with their essays and papers due to poor English skills resulting in lower grades and significant difficulties with graduating. You must have sufficient skills with English to be able to do ESL editing, communicate your thoughts and ideas, not only within school but also for your future working career.

ESL writing exercises are one way to help yourself to improve your writing. Something that is vital if you are going to get the qualifications that you need for your future. Our exercises are simple to follow and will help you to better understand how to structure and write your papers and essays.

Our services have been supporting students and providing tips for improving writing ESL for several years during which time we have helped students from over 200 different countries with their school work. Our services are able to provide you with all of the support and help that you need to improve your English writing and boost your grades.

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ESL Writing Exercises

Practice as they say makes perfect; you are not going to improve your writing skills without doing some actual work. The more that you practice the better your English skills will become. You should always set aside a regular time each and every day to practice your skills if you are serious about becoming a better writer in English. Making it into a clear routine will help you to advance quicker and make real noticeable improvements.

The following are some simple exercise that you can use to help yourself to improve English writing skills:

✔ Read and summarize short essays or news articles; writing is as much about reading and comprehending what you have read. By reading and then highlighting the most important points within what you have written you will help yourself to better understand your writing. Practice by reading short articles from the news or other sources and try to write a brief one paragraph summary of what you have just read.

✔ Use writing worksheets; there are many websites that contain many different exercise sheets and other materials that you can use to practice your writing. Download and use appropriate level sheets each day to practice your own writing such as these;

✔ Write a letter a day; it is often easier to write if you have something meaningful to write about. Select something that you have read that day, an event or something that has caused you an annoyance and write a letter of support, complaint, or a request for more information.

✔ Keep a diary in English, start to write about all of the events of each day and what you have learned from it.

ESL Writing Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

All of those red pen marks are an opportunity for you to learn how to improve your own writing. Always pay attention to the errors that your tutor highlights through your various writing activities and make a list of the errors that you make most often. Once you know what they are you can address them throughout your writing so that you avoid those errors.

There are several issues with writing that many ESL writers make and some are listed below to help you to understand and avoid them:

✦ Confusing its and it’s; its is the possessive form while it’s means “it is”. The following are some incorrect usages of the words and the corrections:

➤  I think its time to leave; should be, I think it’s time to leave.

➤  He thought it was broken due to it’s sound; should be, he thought it was broken due to its sound.

✦ Confusing good and well; Good is an adjective while well is the adverb form;

➤  He speaks English good; should be, he speaks English well.

➤  How good do you speak English; should be, how well do you speak English?

✦ Use of slang and text speak; many students are very familiar with the abbreviations and slang used in many mediums of communication these should not be used within your written work.

✦ Incorrect capitalization; nouns are only capitalized if they are the name of something such as a place or a language. So, for instance, a university is not capitalized but the University of NY is.

✦ Incorrect punctuation use for commas; the comma should follow directly after the word with space after. Not with pace either side.

It is very important that you work hard at learning English if you want to be an effective communicator. As Nelson Mandela once said:

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

We Can Support Your ESL Learning

Whether you need tailored writing activities to help you to improve your skills or you want help with your latest paper our services can help you. We offer our support through staff that are post graduate degree qualified with many years of experience with helping ESL students. They work directly with you through our online services to ensure that you get the precise support that you need.

Also you can check out our professional ESL essay writing tips, to improve your paper!

All of our writing support results in work that is unique to you as well as being free from errors after our certified proofreading. With a full satisfaction money back guarantee and on time delivery we are confident that our services will deliver exactly the help that you need. Contact our specialized services here today for ESL writing exercises or direct support with your writing and receive

Contact our specialized services here today for ESL writing exercises or direct support with your writing and receive the help of the highest level every time.