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ESL Learning Tips: Mastering English Language


Do You Need Language Learning Tips for ESL?

With around 10% of the students in US schools being ESL learners, just 1% of teachers are qualified to help them. This means that few students will get the support that they really need to meet the standards that are expected of them for their written work and their grades will suffer accordingly. That’s why you may need some ESL writing exercises and advice for better learning.

Using good ESL learning tips is important as without good English skills it can be difficult to progress through the educational system and providing work of the required standard will get harder and harder as you go. It is therefore very important that you do everything that you can for yourself to improve your comprehension, speaking and writing skills.

Our services have been around for a long time providing support to ESL students from all over the world. We have helped students with their writing and editing at all levels in their education and our staff are highly experienced at providing you with tailored support to improve your language skills. Through our services, you can access both writing tips as well as direct support through our ESL specialists.

Do you know how to edit ESL writing in the best way? If no, we can help!

Best ESL Learning Tips

Helping yourself to improve your writing and speaking skills in English is important. You cannot always ask someone to do it for you and without effort on your part you will not improve. There are few shortcuts to learning English and you will have to work hard and practice if you really want to make the grade. The following are some simple tips to help you with your ESL learning:

ESL speaking tips

The following are some tips to help you with improving your English speaking skills. Conversation in English is an important part of learning the language and you may even have to be able to effectively present information to others. These tips will help you with your speaking:

Relax; don’t get too stressed or worried when you start to practice your English, the person you are talking with will understand that you are not going to get everything perfect.

Practice standard greetings and phrases that are repeated frequently when people meet each other so that they become second nature.

Don’t worry about finding very specific words to describe something if you can say it in simple every day English.

Speak slowly and clearly and don’t be embarrassed if someone corrects you or supplies you with words.

Find opportunities to practice and speak English as often as you can. Only through active listening and speaking will you develop the skills that you need.

ESL reading tips

The following are some easy to follow tips that will help you to develop your reading and comprehension skills:

Read something that is of interest to you so that you will want to understand what has been written rather than simply reading set work by your tutor.

Practice scanning writing to identify key words and ideas without getting too stuck on individual words and phrases.

Read individual paragraphs and then try to predict what the next paragraph will contain based on what you have just read.

Practice summarizing what you have read so that you can identify and condense the most important facts from what you have read.

Discuss what you have read with others so that you can check that your understanding of what you have read is the same as theirs.

As with your speaking the more that you just dive in and do it the more you will actually learn. Take every opportunity that you can to do a reading of all forms of materials.

esl reading tips schema

Image credit: readinghorizons.com

ESL grammar tips

The following are some tips for helping you with your grammar when writing English for beginners:

Remember to use Subject, Verb, Object order when writing a sentence; “The dog sat on the mat”.

A semicolon looks scary but it is used to join two ideas; “The dog sat on the mat; it really did not like the cold tile floor”.

You can add “ed” to most verbs to make the past tense; but there are some exceptions such as “drank”.

Use serial commas to separate items in a list; “The dog chewed his bone, the mat, his bed, and the door”.

For current actions use the present progressive tense “ing”; “the dog is sitting on the mat”.

Learning English is something that you will make progress with if you take the time to actually do the required work. As Kenneth Beare says:

If you take a moment to stop and set a goal for yourself every week, you will notice the progress you are making and, in turn, become more inspired by how quickly you are learning English!

We Can Provide Support with Your ESL Learning

The best way for English Language Learners (ELL) to understand anything is to actually do it, and our specialized services can provide you with help with this. We can offer you with writing and editing support for all of your assignments and papers to help you to better understand just how your English should be used.

esl lesson

Image credit: beginningstreatment.com

All work provided is unique to you with no copying, it is proofread to avoid errors, and we will always deliver your support on time. We provide every student with a full satisfaction money back guarantee through our highly affordable and confidential services.

Contact us today for the best ESL learning tips and support with all of your writing and editing through our highly effective and reliable services.