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English Editing Service

English is something of a quirky language. It’s difficult to spell, rich in vocabulary, and low on verb transformation. If you’re studying English, here’s some features you should know.

✦ It’s a Germanic language, so it has a lot in common with German and Dutch!

✦ The spelling is pretty historical, and gives you a clue to the origin of the word. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you much of a clue as to the pronunciation of the word.

✦ It only has a past and a present tense, with the future tense mostly created by using extra verbs.

✦ It doesn’t have very many inflections, at least not ones used for creating different tenses. Instead, they’re used for creating new words.


English Proofreaders

Since English is tricky, there are plenty of mistakes that even someone who studies hard can make. Here’s some of the commonest mistakes that ESL speakers make:

✔ Prepositions: Prepositions are a rather tricky piece of language no matter what you’re speaking, so it’s no wonder they can be hard to get right.

✔ Subject/Verb Agreement: The strict rules of subject-verb agreement make it easy to get mixed up.

✔ Spelling: A top grammar mistake in English texts is spelling. A spellchecker can help, but there are many words that sound the same but look different, or look the same but sound different.

✔ Word order: Especially in questions, English word order is tricky. “Is fixed the porch?” should be “is the porch fixed?”, for instance.

✔ Plurals: Since English has irregular plurals, it can be hard to know what’s the right one. Children could turn into childs or childrens. This is a very understandable mistake that can be fixed with practice.

✔ Articles: A, an, and the are tricky words that vary a lot between different languages. Even if you speak a language that uses versions of all three, the way they’re used tends to vary. It’s easy to say “I got car” instead of “I got a car.”

English Proofreading and Editing

When you’re editing English text, there are a few tips and tricks to watch out for. Here are a few of the ones we use:

✎ Check for homophones: Homophones are very hard for English speakers to master, so making sure you’re using the right part of each word is a smart idea. Check a dictionary if something sounds wrong.

✎ Read out loud: When checking grammar, reading aloud is a great tip for proofreading. It can also help you determine if your sentences are too long or if a sentence sounds clumsy.

✎ Read backwards: Reading backwards forces you to forget the familiar parts of your paper, allowing you to look at it with new eyes. This is good for typos.

✎ Check transitions: Transitions are an important part of a strong paper. They help signal to your reader that what’s coming up. If you’re new to English, finding good transition sentences can be hard, so devote special attention to these.

✎ Simplify sentences: Subject-verb agreement is hard in complex sentences. However, temporarily removing subclauses and other complex structures helps a proofreader understand what was being said and how best to express it.


English Essay Editing Service

Our English Language EditorsAs skilled, dedicated proofreaders, each of these proofreading tools and more can be used to help you increase your paper’s excellence. We comb carefully through each and every line, making sure that your spelling, grammar, and word choice is perfect. We do it using the track changes tool so that you can understand the changes we made and learn for the future. This helps you learn more about grammar in a natural, easy way that’s completely unlike sitting in a classroom. Once we’re done, we’ll send you the paper and you can review it and see how it compares with your original work. Most likely, it will still capture the spirit of what you were saying, but with more polish and shine. Those words were in you all along – we just helped you get them out!

You may be wondering who’s going to do all this editing. Who’s this we that we keep talking about? It’s our team of distinguished, knowledgeable editors. Each one is a native English speaker with a wide range of experience in a variety of field. We give them access to top proofreading software and screen them to make sure that they have the background you need to get the best help.
We also make sure that they’re personable. We know how incredibly important it is to work with someone you like, so we only choose editors that are capable of working with almost any student. We’re confident that, no matter who is assigned to you, you’ll be happy with the choice.

ESL Proofreading from ESL Editors

We know how important good proofreading is to professional and academic life. That’s why we work to ensure that each and every customer is totally satisfied. We make sure this is true by providing guarantees that we meet for every order.

► 100% satisfaction guarantee

► 100% error-free guarantee

► Guaranteed on-time to your specified deadline

► 24/hour customer service promise

If you’re not completely satisfied with the paper, if it’s not error free, if it’s not on time, or if the customer service line isn’t helpful, we’ll refund your money. It’s a completely risk-free venture.

English Proofreading Service for ESL Editing Help

If you’ve chosen to learn English, we applaud you. Learning a new language is a difficult journey, but one with many rewards. It can make you smarter, more cosmopolitan, and better able to communicate with new people. But it can also stress you out. If you’re at the point of being frustrated and unsure how to advance, we understand. We’ll help take you to the next level of English in a fun, easy way, and make sure that your papers are perfect into the bargain.

With our wonderful native English proofreaders, your ESL essays can be perfect if you contact us today.