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ESL Essay Proofreading Service


Can an essay proofreading service help you?

As an ESL student you may find that your grades are suffering due to not being able to submit work that is in perfect English. Your tutors are not going to cut you any slack over your language skills and academic writing requires perfection so you are going to have to find a way to ensure that your essays are finished perfectly. This is why many students will use an essay proofreading or academic editing services to ensure that their essays are completely free of errors before they submit to their tutors.

What will essay proofreading services do for you?

An English proofreading service will carefully work through your writing to ensure that all possible errors are completely eliminated from your essay. While you could try to proofread your own work this is often ineffectual; especially if you do not have excellent language skills. Software is also not going to catch every problem with your writing although you can be pretty sure that your tutor will. This is why you will need to use our professional essay proofreading service that will search for and correct;

  • Spelling mistakes; also incorrectly used words such as confusing they’re, there and their
  • Grammatical errors such as run on sentences and dangling modifiers
  • Correct all problems with your punctuation to ensure that things such as apostrophes and colons are used correctly
  • Ensure that your formatting and referencing are all done correctly for your essay

We use qualified proofreader for our essay proofreading service

Use us and you can be sure that you will be working with a fully qualified proofreader ensuring that your work will be corrected perfectly. Many other services use inexperienced and unqualified labor to check your work or put your writing through a software check; either way the results are often very poor and you will not achieve the grades that you really want with their help. We however spend our time seeking out and hiring the very best editors and proofreaders to work with our clients. If you ask us for help you will always work with a proofreader who is;

  • A holder of a masters or PhD degree relevant to your essay subject
  • A fully qualified and very experienced proofreader
  • A proofreader that knows all about academic formatting and referencing
  • A proofreader with native fluency in English language


We will guarantee our essay proofreading service

While there are many proofreading and editing services online that will claim to be able to help ESL and other students few will offer you the support and the guarantees that we provide you. We aim to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the services that you receive; after all only if you are happy will you return for all of the other editing and proofreading help that you need. We aim to build a long term relationship with our ESL student clients and to do that we provide you with;

  • A full money back guarantee on our work
  • On time delivery so that you will never miss a deadline
  • Full plagiarism checking of all essays
  • Easy to use services available at all times
  • Fully confidential proofreading and editing

If you are looking for help with your essays or  you need manuscript editing service then our highly reliable and very affordable essay proofreading service is here to help; just request a quote from our experts today.