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English Editing – Where Do People Need It?


imagesFor years people have tried to do English editing work on their own regardless of how well they could work with the language, and the results could sometimes be problematic. Things have changed now, and the Internet provides plenty of opportunities for people to find professional editors.

International businesses have taken these opportunities and have looked far more polished than ever before as a result. By using Keyword Planner and other tools, it was easy to find where the most searches for them are originating.

English Editing Received 170,000 Searches in India

While English is used as a somewhat official language in India, there are many people who prefer to use something else. Additionally English carries some unfortunate connotations with it for members of the older generation. As a result, editors are often needed to clean up things even for communications written purely for Indian consumption. Considering the large amount of business that India does with foreign countries, however, it’s equally as important to handle this kind of when working with other organizations. Editors inside and outside India have both seen a real sort of growth in the last few years.

English Editing Got 30,000 Searches in Singapore

Due to the fact that English is an official language of Singapore, it’s used a great deal in this Southeast Asian republic. In fact, many of these searches might be domestic. The local English Singaporean Internet resource group is growing at the moment, and most predictions show it continuing to grow for some time. As a result this search number should continue to grow, but the majority of clicks will not be from those looking for resources in foreign countries. They’ll be looking to have their work accomplished right in Singapore.

English Editing Got 20,000 Searches in China

Considering the fact that China holds many manufacturing centers for North American and European businesses, it makes sense that it’s a top origin point for these types of searches. On top of this there are a few natively published English language publications in China that always need professional assistance. The amount of editing done for Chinese publications will probably grow in the next few years, in spite of the number of Chinese scholars studying the English language.

While there are already a handful of English language news sources in China, these might also grow in the next few years. As Internet technology will be feeding this growth, it’s fair to surmise that editors will also be contracted online.

English Editing Found 20,000 Searches in France

Rounding out the list is France, which has long had a complex relationship with a number of other European nations. English is often useful as a lingua franca in this respect, and of course it’s prominently used by the United Kingdom. France also engages in trans-Atlantic trade, for which English is highly useful. Like China, there are a number of French students studying English. Both countries may eventually become self-sufficient in this respect as a result of their respective education programs.