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Correcting Grammar and Punctuation in Your Essay


Grammar and punctuation may seem like and insignificant part of your essay. The content definitely dominates the essay, but the grammar and punctuation that you choose sets the tone and style of your essay. Correcting grammar and punctuation is not just about making your paper free of errors. It is about choosing writing tools related to grammar and punctuation that are appropriate for your type of essay, the tone you wish to set, and the message you wish to send.

Making Your Essay Error-Free

It is always a good idea before submitting your paper to have someone proofread it for you. Proofreading your own work is very difficult. You know what it is supposed to say, and you will tend to read it that way even if that is not how it reads to another person. Go through it yourself first, then hand it off to another person and get their input. You can also hire a professional proofread your essay. Contact us and we will give you the best proofreading experience on the web.

Choosing Appropriate Grammar

There are many different types of essays, and therefore many different things to consider when thinking about the grammar of your essay. For example, if you are writing an academic entrance essay, you want to use intelligent grammar and vocabulary, but you do not want to sound pretentious, and this can turn a reader off. Similarly, if you are writing a professional essay, or an entrance essay for a professional position, you want to use grammar and vocabulary that relates to your field. Study common terms and phrases that only those in your field would use or understand and try to incorporate them into your essay. Think about what the person reading your essay is looking for, whether they are your professor, a potential employer or a college admissions juror. This will give you a good idea of how to approach your essay.

Choosing Appropriate Punctuation

The punctuation that you use tends to determine the tone of your essay. When people read, they tend to imagine the writer speaking the words that they are reading. If you were to give your essay as a speech, how would you say it? Would there be a lot of question in your tone? Perhaps a great deal of excitement? Or would it be very mellow and calm? Punctuation determines how the reader will understand your essay, and therefore, how they will perceive you as a person.

We hope that these grammar and punctuation tips have make you realize the importance of these two things beyond mere correctness. Use these tips to your advantage, no matter what type of essay you are writing.