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All You Need to Know Making Essay Revision


All You Need to Know Making Essay Revision

What are the main steps of essay revision? If you were to revise an essay, it would be great that you learn of the step-by-step guide that we’re offering here so that you can do it the right way and that you can accomplish the task in a faster time.

essay revision service

Step 1

See the big picture and ask yourself if the purpose of the writing was fulfilled and if it covered the required material. Does it keep up to your intention of writing it?

Step 2

Focus on the essay development. check if the main idea are supported sufficiently with the supporting materials that also relate logically to the main idea of the paper.

Step 3

Focus on the structure of the essay. Check if the controlling idea can be found throughout the piece and if your lead created interest and focus. Also, see if the paragraphs link into the controlling idea of the paper.

Step 4

Focus on the sentence structure. Check if your sentences are clear and if you had the word order inn your sentences logical. Did you use the active voice in the essay?

What not to include in the essay

  1. Totalizing words: everyone, all, every
  2. Conversational words: I feel that, what’s up with, as you know
  3. Judgmental words: awful, terrible, great, amazing
  4. Culturally and socially unacceptable words
  5. Contraction
  6. Long quotations

Avoid These, Too

  1. I, me, mine, you, your, our, we
  2. Many, a lot, really, thing, stuff, nice, good
  3. In this essay, my next example

Get Rid of Colloquial vocabulary and Change with a Formal Alternative

  1. above board- legitimate
  2. reached a happy medium- reached an acceptable compromise
  3. easier said than done- more difficult in practice
  4. pay lip service to- support through words and not through actions
  5. a stumbling block- point of contention

There you have the proper steps when revising an essay that you need to know if you want to ensure that you will meet your intentions of writing it. Spend enough time in revising and get the best results in essay revision today!